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& Unlocking efficiencies


Technology has evolved at a faster pace than ever before, directly influencing the tactics, objectives and ultimately, productivity of many industries. It's significantly impacted the evolution of maintenance and reliability by providing the tools and systems capable of collecting and processing vast amounts of critical information. 


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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning



Sensor data can be combined with information collected from industrial control systems and asset information from EAM or ERP to draw measurement on operational vs maintenance activities.

sensors can be placed on critical assets, or even on equipment in remote and hazardous locations to provide 24/7 monitoring. If equipment reaches a pre-set threshold or triggers a reading that suggests a potential failure is imminent, an alert is sent immediately to a centralized computer system. This alert, which is predicting a future problem, ready to initiate parts ordering and work request scheduling so that maintenance can be performed before accidents or major breakdowns occur. Its also mitigate the implication of potential secondary part related to the system having a damage.

By combining real-time data from operational point of view vs maintenance historic data, real-time performance measurement is just make sense. 

We offer a scalable asset maintenance and real-time monitoring suites 



  • asset data management

  • reliability and optimization

  • software solutions

  • artificial intelligence IIOT 4.0

  • machine learning

  • sound anomaly detection

  • virtual sensor - digital twin


Our service also covered;

  • project improvement and advisory of asset health 

  • fully outsourced asset and maintenance program on your behalf

  • maintenance strategy consulting services

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