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Artificial Intelligence that recognizes sound patterns to provides early warning of mechanical failures


Predictive Maintenance Solution in Malaysia

IoT hardware for audio recording and Ai trained for anomaly of machines failure detection

Install the standalone device on any equipment’s or machines and start the automated audio monitoring. The device records sound and uses edge computing to run complex machine learning algorithms. It provides early potential failure warning without the need to transfer data to cloud storage and user friendly cross-platform dashboard. 




Empower your maintenance team with technology and reliability maintenance approach 

Big data analytic challenges - without an adequate data foundation, asset and maintenance systems will fail to support the business. Our solutions help to improve, enhances, optimize and manage insight of your assets and protect what matter to your business. We also offered a custom software development that suit with your operations.






Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world


Listen, evaluate and analyze sound patterns in real time. Discover insight equipment with automated audio diagnostic and precise anomaly detection. Optimize your assets and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Plug & play installation, real-time continuous monitoring, Edge computing and offline data processing. Accurately interpreting the sounds created by under-lubrication, over-lubrication and early signs of wear.

We enable you to operate your equipment or machines more efficiently. Monitor machines health in real time, remote monitoring and less human intervention. Reduce labour cost and together we help to stop the spread of the COVID-19. Start your journey today with us who have been doing asset performance and reliability maintenance for more than three decades.

Custom Software Development Company In Malaysia
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Predictive Maintenance Solution In Malaysia

Powerful Ai analyzes sound patterns

Minimize machines downtime

Early detection of potential machine failures is the goal for all predictive maintenance programs. Early detection allows maintenance teams to plan for repairs or change outs during planned outages to minimize downtime.

Reduce maintenance cost

When repairs are precisely scheduled based on data insights, the amount of time needed for repair is reduced because of a smaller number of component replacements instead of entire equipment replacement.

Effectiveness maintenance

Help personnel focus their efforts on the assets that need attention, while eliminating unnecessary work on healthy machines and help to solve the problem quickly. Work based on the criticality of the asset and the urgency of the alert.


Minimize human dependencies

No more unpredictable outcomes, costs and reputation risks due to reliance on human hearing and judgment. Drive success predictive intelligence with simple interface, reliable indication of asset health that is easily understood by your maintenance team.

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Strategic asset performance management

Master data and industry 4.0 data

Deliver better maintenance data, manage your maintenance regime with maximum visibility. Inaccurate data may cause catastrophic to your business.

Maintenance optimization

Deliver you a highly detailed action plan for improving the performance of your asset, Effective maintenance strategies and optimization that tremendously cost saving of your OPEX.

Regulatory compliant & standard

Consistently performed to a high standard in compliance with all your internal quality standards and ISO. Our business processes and best practices are applied and proven across a variety of industries.

Improve BOM’s and spares

Undertakes new material cataloguing or existing catalogue cleansing by codifying, formatting of each MRO spare item as per international standards.

Condition based monitoring

Monitors the actual condition of your mechanical machines in order to plan what maintenance needs to be done and Prevents secondary damage to the equipment.

World class maintenance software

Our IT tools are technology driven through innovative cutting-edge latest technology, secure and cost-effective solutions.

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Partnering with us means that all work is consistently performed to a high standard and has the ability to look ahead to prevent costly failures, downtime, safety & risks, optimization of resources and planning. Our comprehensive asset performance management, reliability maintenance program, software and condition based monitoring tool is designed and proven to overcome today industrial challenges.

It takes an incredible depth of know-how, leveraging industrial big data, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality to improve any analysis, we bring you silos of data to best fit for your industry requirements and to improve you on-going analysis, plus optimizing your profitability. With the rise of IoT Industry 4.0, the business environment continues to change, and we believed one tool can’t fit all. So, please get in-touch with us, we can help you take care of your assets. 

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