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Reliability Maintenance


Total Reliability Improvement Process - TRIP

Route Map for TRIP 

  • Uptodate Asset Register - essential for planning and organizing effective maintenance.

  • Competent, motivated workforce; high HOTT (Hands-on Tool Time) ratio.

  • Failure Elimination and Threats program – Bad Actor Analysis; Pareto; MTO (Manage Threats and Opportunities); RCA / 5Ys.

  • Get The Basics Right – equipment ownership, housekeeping, cleaning, lubricating and first line maintenance by operators.

  • Robust Planning Process – top performers do 90% PM work.

  • Strong WPSE (Work Preparation, Scheduling & Execution) practice; everything in place to do right work at right time in most efficient and effective way.

  • High PM Compliance % – volume of emergent work should be low.

  • Condition Based Maintenance – monitoring the health of equipment means detecting warning of a failure and predicting when to intervene.

Reliability Maintenance Solutions In Malaysia

Why was there a need for RCM

Traditional maintenance looked at equipment and then maintained it according to what it was, on a period elapsed or time run basis. If two identical pumps were considered then they were given the same maintenance, regardless of the fact that they might have completely different duties to perform.


A considerable amount of scheduled maintenance involved taking apart complex equipment that was running quite satisfactorily, checking a few measurements and reassembling, only to find that it didn't work anymore or soon developed problems.


Hidden defects on items could remain undetected for long periods and only become apparent when the equipment was required to perform its function, by which time it was too late, as most of these hidden defects perform safety or warning functions the consequences could be considerable.

RCM takes a completely different view from the traditional; it looks at what is required of the item i.e. its function or functions. Two pumps could be physically identical but if they are required to perform different functions in different environments then their maintenance might well be different. One pump could be enclosed in a clean cool environment and only required to operate at half its capability, whereas another could be outside in a hot and dusty desert environment and required to operate at full capacity. Items should be maintained to the level required to achieve their function and not their design capability. 

Our Reliability maintenance solutions provides a highly structured way of considering what maintenance is appropriate to maintain an assets functions and their inherent availability. RCM is a very powerful tool in the hands of an experienced operative.


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