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Powerful tool for early Machines failure detection

Ai sound monitoring

Consistently rated best-in-class for value for money, ease-of-use plug and play, functionality and customer support. The Ai sound monitoring system automatically checks the collected audio data of your machines against the extensive database of warning sounds. As a result, you get notified about discovered abnormal behavior and possible future malfunction. Powerful tool for early detection of machinery breakdown. Take advantage of the technology and avoid more than 50% of critical failures! Trusted by Airbus, Siemens, BMW, LG, Skoda and more.

Ai Sound Monitoring Service In Malaysia

Early detection of malfunctioning industries machinery is crucial. In many cases, a visual inspection cannot capture a true condition of the equipment health, for example a small leakage, no or over lubrication, voltage change in power and etc. Our anomaly detection solution can prevent greater damages and indirectly reduce repair of the maintenance costs. 

Ai sound monitoring machines Assessment



Our ultimate goal is to help you get the most out of your assets so that you can do more with your resources while driving down costs. Explore ready-to-use solutions for machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance, Leverage our experience in detecting sound anomalies early and avoid critical failures of many types of machines. 


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