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Not just carry out PM instruction from your work order or job order, we ensure the work done correctly! real-time machine monitoring trigger a poor or perfect maintenance, plan deviation control,  predict production gain or losses, effected to another system function, and more. We utilize virtual sensor data on capturing live operation of your asset health and combining it with your CMMS data. We are the right custom software service provider for you, tailor to your requirement, either integrate, embed or any programming language to suit your operation.


Custom Software Service Provider In Malaysia

What is Reliability 'Live'?

  • Multiple databases reporting to a central repository with clear, concise and pragmatic reporting.

What is Reliability 'Live' for?

  • Understanding overall asset performance based on live equipment data with an underlying reliability model showing equipment configuration and status.

  • Identification of real-time issues or “Bad Actors”.

  • Pin-pointing the causes of deferment and downtime.

  • Identification (and prediction) of issues/threats, enabling appropriate mitigation/intervention.

  • Monitor changes/improvements of operational availability caused by changes made in PM program and reliability of equipment

  • Linking reliability and system performance to production impact (RAM model)

How does it work?

  • Via a commercially available “smart app” for reliability-centered process improvement.


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