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Asset data management

When every second of equipment downtime can cost a company thousands of dollars, it is absolutely crucial for asset master data to be consistent, reliable and readily available at all times. Accurate foundation data enables maintenance and operations team to run the plant efficiently and cost effectively. When information is accurate and relevant, better decisions are made. We provide intelligence solutions for the challenges that you face. This includes services linked to the digital transformation Industry 4.0. Let's we help you to get your data right. Our senior asset management specialists are available to consult on all issues related to strategic asset data performance management, including getting your organization ready for ISO 55000 accreditation. Transform your data to SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.


Strategic Asset Performance Management Service
Asset Data Management Service In Malaysia

Leverage digitalization


Technology advance can make a remarkable difference in production capability, profitability, optimized inspection and maintenance scheduling. Traditional processes preclude improvement areas that operators might not be aware exist, for example time-based inspection planning methods as opposed to risk-based. Time-based methods rely on a calendar scheduling alone to establish inspection frequency, without factoring into consideration the unique profile of the asset for its condition and associated inherent risk. Operators could be wasting capital resources on unnecessary inspection frequencies while machines in a good health and perform reliably. 


It’s difficult to readily access accurate data information for any given asset in a timely fashion, impacting both daily decision-making and inhibiting generating an audit trail. That is where our artificial intelligence comes in. It connects all the physical variances into one, with a Machine learning propagate and managing all data, equipment types, alert notification and performance report from a single continuously updating data source. We empowered your managers with perfect data that helps them make decisions with confidence. 

Improving decision


Evolved into a full-service compliance and governance platform that can support crucial asset data management functions. We help you on improvement of your planned maintenance cycle to a predictive model that can generate significant savings and ensure that your real-time data source is compatible with existing ways of working and providing a comprehensive view of operations for key team members and stakeholders.

IT Asset Management In Malaysia

We combine your "live data" with your maintenance historic data, analyzing and generate predictive by equipment, skid, system package or customize view. Our Ai and machine learning will than capture the performance of real-time machine health vs maintenance type, schedule, criticality and the probability. 

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